As anyone with a little girl knows, bedroom is really matters for every girls, in any age but especially kids. Bedroom is her place to dream and forge identity, parents should let their girls indulgently allow their girls to decorating their room as how they like it. Decoration, interior, and design is a great way to express that identity. First, let girls decide what dominant color they want for her room, whether it is a full pinky color, earth tone, or maybe monochrome. Every girl have their own imgaination and always comes with very different liking. Ready to inspire your daughter or grand daughter’s room creativity? Here’s girl bedroom ideas for your little lovely one:


If she’s more in to nature, the dandelion mural bring the outdoors into your daughter’s bedroom. Adding a potted plant or making a terrarium for girl developing green thumbs. Floral bed sheet will also complete the nature look.


If she loves to draw and exploring by creating, then let her draw on the walls. Afew coats of chalkboard paint turn any wall into an oversize sketchpad.


If she’s a dreamer, let the dreamcatcher and rainbow color dominated her room to boost the good vibes. Another great ideas is you can DIY the dreamcatcher with your girl, let her help you to make one. Using ribbon, old scarves or any fabric remnants, a little activity she would excited to join with you.

If she’s a dancer or little ballerina she deserve space as precious as she is. Custom wall art with monochromatic color, with subtle accent colors this design will never get old, long last till your little girl grown up.


If she’s a bookworm, a little cozy space for her to read her favourite book, just add a book shelves and a lamp to create cozy nook. Combine the reading nook beside her homework station, it would be a great girls bedroom ideas.

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