IMURAL is a company of wall painting services in Indonesia. Variety of business fields from property, culinary, and tour are entrusted IMURAL as the company of wall painting services which able to change the situation with the client expectation.

Years by years comes by IMURAL is growing rapidly with a lot of companies from various lines that giving trust to IMURAL as the best painting service in Indonesia.

For direct to the top of glory and spread the wings width as possible to fulfill all needs of the clients from the country to the other countries. IMURAL needs a few candidates who able to give contributes in addition IMURAL is recognized in the hearts of society.

Go success and join us within develop your passion with IMURAL!




  • Experience in painting field or mural at least 2 years or more.
  • Have a good skill of painting techniques
  • Have interesting portfolio
  • Able to paint on a variety of media with various styles
  • Discipline
  • Well communicate
  • Open for whom lived in outside Jakarta
  • Full-time Work

Send your CV and portfolio to: