1. How much it cost?

The cost of artworks creation actually depends on the difficulties of design and work process. That’s why we need to get early brief. Therefore, we can get the big idea of:

a. how much hours would it be needed to do the production

b. how many of our professionals gonna be involved

c. and the skill level required to execute the artwork

Once we understand the big idea, then we will walk and consult you to get the best result

2. How long is the creation process?

The creation process varies depends on the three factors we mentioned above. Basically there are two phases of the artwork creation:

A. Design process

Assuming that the difficulties of the design and process is considerably normal, once the brief is clear, it takes us around 1 week to make the design.

First, We will submit to you the design moodboard of the design so you will get the big idea of how the design will look and feel.

Then sketching, coloring, and artwork finishing process will happen step by step to make sure the charismatic and prestigious artworks are born from our hand.

After the design is ready, then there will be back and forth process of doing revision.

B. Field Execution process

Once the final design is ready, our muralist will go to the field and do the production. The duration also differs depending on the design we do at that moment.

3. How is the durability of each artwork?

If the space is indoor under normal circumstances, the artwork normally can last for at least 4-5 years. However if it is outdoor, there are many factors that will decide the durability, yet normally it will be durable for at least 3 years.

However all the numbers we mentioned above are just rough expectation, if on the field, suddenly there are construction issues such as pipe leaking, cement cracking, and many other construction things happen, things might be different.

Just make sure the contractor do the construction well enough so those issues won’t be a problem.

4. Can you do a sitevisit for our place?

Yes, we can do sitevisit to your place once the quotation is approved, or if the areas you want to uplift are more than 3 spaces.

In some cases, if your location is quite faraway from our headquarter, normally a photograph or video call would be enough fo get us the feel of that spaces.