blog-imuraliMural is a creative company running on the field of wall décor, mural, 3d trick art, café mural and design service. It is normally used for interior and exterior decoration which is customized authentically for your brand.

There are a lot of advantages you can earn from using mural and 3d trick art which will be good to beautify the interior of your place. It will be the attractive point to give an identity into a place.

Inspired by an institution called as Philadelphia Mural Art during the study trip at United States of America, there was a project to turn mural as a public art constructive enough to make the city looks dynamics but also get used to create dialog, build relationship, people empowerment, and revitalizing city economy.

Starting from that point, finally on 2013 Indonesia Mural which will later be rebranded as iMural was established at Jakarta.

The main objective of establishing iMural is to bring up the creative art talent among Indonesians and bridge them to all around the world.

We offer such advantages of using our service by making mural and 3d trick art design systematically in structure so that the authentic and interesting artwork to be created. iMural count on our collaborative cooperation among professional related teams for the sake of customer happiness and satisfactory. iMural strives to create identity for our customers through the artwork that we inspired.

During 4 years of our existence, iMural has explored wide and tons of various projects in all around the scale starting from housing, residential, café, restaurant, office, hotel, apartment, resort, shopping malls, or even airport.

Up to this moment, we continuously create our special mural and 3d trick art for the local and international market such as Jakarta, Bali, Makassar, Medan, Thailand, Singapore, and even USA.