At IMURAL, our team focuses on the creation process from the idea to the execution. So that we can give birth to prestigious and charismatic artwork for our clients.

We exist to provide not only professionalism in the services, but also to create impactful works that benefit our clients, be it businesses or social.

Illustration, mural, and even 3D Trick Art has come out continuously from our brushes. All went through tight quality control to make sure the artwork we create would deliver the prestige and impact.

Who has worked with us?

Global company such as Facebook, Walt Disney, BanyanTree along with national brand we see daily like Holycow, EvHive, Telkomsel, BCA, and many more has experienced the feel of IMURAL touch.

With them, we create “experience”-able artworks to uplift their brand values and presences.

Our Process:

All our artworks go through full-cycle design creation process. As brief is given, we will then brainstorm with our team to go through the unique and impactful ideas.

Not just spoken; we sketches, scribbles, scrawls, and mix-matches those ideas until we get something we are proud to share with our clients.

Once the illustration design is agreed, then the production phase by our muralist will be executed.

Just like how a good artwork is polished through time, we also takes a lot of time to do the process and ensure the prestige of using our artwork is delivered.

The Team:

Here you can see all our team members, sketchers to painters, ideamaker to executioner, back office to the face of company.

All worked together to one goal only that the artwork we created are impactful capable of amplifying our client’s spaces prestige and charisma.