Do you have a business in culinary field? Surely, you want your restaurant to be crowded to the point the parking area is full, right?

Café and restaurant now are really growing in number. We can find them in every region of Indonesia especially in big cities, café and restaurants are very easy to be found.

We even often find unique and different restaurant or café. Seeing that, it is clear that the business competition in this field is really harsh.

We sometimes can see a really crowded restaurant, to the point that we have to queue in a long time. On the other hand, there are also restaurants that look so quiet even though they already promote themselves and give cheap prices.

Improving Your Business

So, what should the owners do to increase the number of customers?

There are many important factors that you have to pay attention to so that your restaurant can survive in the business competition. These factors are strategic location, delicious menus, good service, suitable price, and comfortable place.

From all factors that have been mentioned above, iMural will not explain all of it. iMural will only explain one of the points, comfortable place.

Mural for Cafe and Restaurant Interior Decoration 

Nowadays, café and restaurant are not only as eating place, but also a hangout place, especially for young people. That is why, a café with cool, beautiful, and comfortable interior is really important and becomes one of the important factors to attract visitors.

A unique interior decoration can be a good object for selfie. No wonder, that restaurant and café decorated with murals are quite popular.

Mural can be a good alternative for your café or restaurant interior decoration. With the addition of mural, the interior of your place will look more beautiful.

Mural Idea for Café and Restaurant

Mural for café and restaurant is quite popular now. If you are still confused in deciding the design of the mural for your café and restaurant, here are some cool ideas of mural that can attract customers. However, if you have a Japanese café or restaurant, you can see the reference here instead.

1. Ichibiru Billiard

Interior Decoration in Ichibiru Billiard

Ichibiru Billiard is a Japanese restaurant located in Pantai Indah Kapuk. This Japanese restaurant is really suitable to be a reference for you if you are planning to open up a Japanese restaurant.

Even from the outside, this Japanese restaurant already looks really nice. The murals with thick Japanese vibe make the place looks even more perfect.

There are so many murals that can be made as idea and reference, starting from Japanese characters such as samurai, geisha, even bamboo trees.

2. Marco Padang PIM

Interior Decoration in Marco Padang PIM

This is one of the restaurants that has such unique and interesting interior design, Marco Padang PIM, a restaurant which serves Padang food.

This place looks interesting and unique, seen from the use of cool and unique mural on brick wall.

The mural shows several animals with modern style, acting as if they are about to come out of the window. With the bright colour selection, this mural is really perfect for your café and restaurant.

3. Bakso Lapangan Tembak

Interior Decoration in Bakso Lapangan Tembak

Who does not know Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan? Now, Bakso Lapangan Tembak has opened so many branches in many regions.This restaurant can also be a good reference, because there are various murals that surely can attract customers.

One of the branches, Bakso Lapangan Tembak in Transmart Yogya, has applied a mural of familiar characters, who are enjoying various menus in Bakso Lapangan Tembak.

4. Kamo Kuma Cafe

Interior Decoration in Kamo Kuma Cafe

For you who have café or restaurant with cute concept, Kamo Kuma Café can be your reference.

To attract more people, Kamo Kuma Café decorate the place with green colour and murals of bear character, to give off a cute impression.

5. Bavarian Haus

Interior Decoration in Bavarian Haus

If you want to create unique and different interior, then Bavarian Haus, which has just been established, can be a good reference.

Bavarian Haus does not apply a mural. Instead, it applies a 3d trick art, so that people can take pictures there.

6. Doner Kebab

Interior Decoration in Doner Kebab

Do you want to introduce and promote your product using mural? Then, Doner Kebab is your reference, because it applies a mural using that concept. Besides giving off the aesthetic feeling, this mural also indirectly introduces the main menu served in the place.

7. Astons Specialities

Interior Decoration in Astons Specialities

If you prefer simple mural, Astons Specialities can be a good reference for your restaurant.

The mural here looks elegant and simple, with its simple design, using not too many colours.

8. Phoenam Cafe

Interior Decoration in Phoenam Cafe

Besides Doner Kebab, Phoenam Café can also be a good reference if you want to promote your products using mural.

The mural in Phoenam Café takes the concept of various food menus that are offered by the café itself, such as satay, juice, coffee, and other menu, followed with white typography of the name of the menus. With the black background and suitable colour selection, this mural looks perfect.

The black background also helps in making the menus stand out, meaning that the people who see this mural will focus more on the menus.

9. Mula Restaurant

Interior Decoration in Mula Restaurant

Mula restaurant is a Mexican restaurant located in Senopati. This restaurant applies a black and white mural with a bit of bright colours.

This mural, with a masked Mexican woman design, looks really elegant and exotic. This mural can be a reference for your café or restaurant interior decoration.

10. Mixmi Restaurant

Interior Decoration in Mixmi Restaurant

Mixmi Restaurant is a café and restaurant located in Tangerang. This place is designed as uniquely as possible, following the young people’s trend that has become more modern. That way, people will be comfortable to hang out in this place. When they come here, they can see a unique photo spot, a superhero mural.

This superhero mural, consists of superheroes who are enjoying their food, looks unique and different from murals in other cafés and restaurants. Surely this mural can be a good option for your interior decoration.

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