Every parent surely wants their child to like reading so that his or her knowledge will grow. One of the things that parents can do is to teach their children the culture of reading, so that they are used to read from little.

So, what can we do to make the children read? This time, iMural will share some tips so that children will like to read.

There are many things that parents can do to make their children read. These are some tips on how to make children like to read.

Invite Your Child to Buy His or Her Favourite Book

The first thing parents can do is obviously prepare a book for the child to read. Take him to a book store and let him buy his favourite book.

Place the Book in a Place That is Easy to Reach

Parents should pay attention to this. Place the book in a place that is easy for children to reach. With that, children can take and read the book easily.

Make a Special Shelf

Make a small book shelf and place it in an open space. Try not to keep the book in a big, closed, and tall shelf, because if you do that then children will not be able to see it, let alone reach it.

Make a Reading Corner in Home

So that children will like to read even more, make a reading corner with unique and comfortable design. With that, children will think that reading is a fun activity.

Design the Room Beautifully

There are many decorations for reading corner that you can choose to create a room with comfortable atmosphere for children to read. Here are some decorations for reading corner that you can try at home.

reading corner

One of the ways to make the reading corner beautiful and comfortable is by using canopy in one of the corners of the room. Add some soft pillows and smooth carpet, so that you can your child can read book together.

Make the reading corner and in an open space and provide a small book shelf. Give some cute decorations to make it cuter and more comfortable. It can surely attract children there.

reading corner

Make the reading room with some vintage touches by adding bed and some pillows. There will be a spot to read together with family or siblings.

reading corner

To create a comfortable place, you can try adding a comfortable bed to lie down so that children will enjoy the books placed in a wooden box.

reading corner

Make a reading corner using darker colours. You can also use an unused old shelf or box.

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