Having a comfortable house is indeed everyone’s wish. A comfortable house does not always big and luxurious. You only need to decorate your house as uniquely as possible. For example, you use stair decoration and make it look interesting.

Many buildings such as houses, hotels, cafés, schools, and other buildings that have many floors, have plain and boring stairs.

However, we can actually get luxurious and interesting impression just from decorating the stairs.

Why Stair Decoration?

Stairs are used to connect the floors. However, it can also be used as a media to create a unique house. Creating a unique and comfortable house does not mean that you have to buy expensive furniture. Just use your creativity, and your wish to get comfortable house will come true.

Other than in house, decorating stairs in hotel, café, restaurant, school, or other buildings, can be a good idea. Besides giving off aesthetic vibe, it can also attract people to come.

Stair Decoration Ideas

There are many ways that you can choose to decorate your stair. These ideas below can be used to decorate your stair, and it does not require you to change the shape of the stair. You only need to give some ornaments, and your stair will look more interesting.

Here are some stair decoration ideas with small budget, but are perfect to create a beautiful and interesting stair:

1. Mural as Stair Decoration

Mural as Stair Decoration

The first way to decorate your stair is to apply mural on the stair. There are many designs that you can use for your stair. The example is the stair in the picture above.

2. Stair Decoration on the Wall Beside the Stair

Stair Decoration on the Wall Beside the Stair

In decorating your stair, you do not have to apply the decoration directly on the stair itself. You can also apply a mural on the wall beside the stair.

3. Quotes as Stair Decoration

Quotes as Stair Decoration

For you who like to read motivational or inspirational quotes, you can use quotes to decorate your stair. Especially if you like a simple design, then this stair can be a good option.

4. Quote and Picture as Stair Decoration

Quote and Picture as Stair Decoration

This decoration as you can see above, it is a combination of picture and quote. With unique design and right colour selection, you house will look colourful and cheerful.

5. Vintage Concept

Vintage Concept

The next decoration for stair is a decoration with vintage concept. If you have vintage concept and “past” vibe, then you can try this design.

6. Refreshing Nature Theme

Refreshing Nature Theme

Using nature theme in a house does not mean you have to put some plants to your house. This stair decoration can be a reference for you who want nature concept with refreshing green colour.

7. Black and White or Monochrome

Black and White or Monochrome

This flower mural in black and white colour can be a reference for you who want monochrome concept. This mural makes your stair looks simple, but still elegant.

8. Unique Stair Decoration

Unique Stair Decoration

This decoration may look absurd and disgusting for those who are scared with this animal. However, for those who like unique things, this mural will look unique instead of scary.

9. Vintage or Classic Concept

Vintage or Classic Concept

The next stair decoration idea is decoration with flower design. It is perfect for a house with vintage or classic concept.

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