Mural is now an essential need to beautify the interior of restaurants. Japanese restaurant is no exception. Do you love Japanese food or have a Japanese restaurant? This article will tell you about the mural in Japanese restaurants in Indonesia, that can be used as reference for you.

If you have a restaurant, then you can try applying mural in Japanese restaurants to get more customers, like these Japanese restaurants.

Enjoying other country’s food has become easier now. You do not have to go to the country itself. Even though not all country’s food is available, Japanese food lovers can be relieved, because Japanese restaurants can be found easily now, especially in Jakarta.

There are so many mural in Japanese restaurants that can be found in Jakarta, be it inside or outside of mall, with their own advantages.

Mural in Japanese Restaurants

Because Japanese restaurant business has been growing in number, of course the business competition on this field has become harder too. Every restaurant is trying to leave a good impression to the customers.

Delicious food is indeed the main factor that has to be prioritized so that customers will want to stay longer and come again.

Other than delicious food, a good service will also satisfy the customers, because it will give the first impression about your restaurant to the customers.

These two things are indeed the main focus that you have to pay attention to, but there is another thing that is also important. That thing is decoration. Nice decoration will help in making the customers feel comfortable.

Mural is a good alternative to create a comfortable interior. You may have already seen mural in café or restaurant. Every restaurant, surely, is using mural with different design that has its own uniqueness.

For you who want to decorate your Japanese restaurant with mural, here are some mural in Japanese restaurants.

1. Japanese Restaurant Sushi Groove

Mural in Japanese Restaurants Sushi Groove

For you who are shopping and hanging out in one of the biggest shopping mall in Jakarta, Kota Kasablanka Mall, or usually known as Kokas, you can go here to try the sushi in Sushi Groove Kota Kasablanka Mall.

Sushi Groove is a Japanese restaurant that is not only famous for their delicious sushi, but also the cool decoration, making it perfect for those who like to have a selfie.

If you want to open a Japanese restaurant, this restaurant can be made as a reference. The mural of two Japanese women here will surely suit your Japanese restaurant. Besides being able to give off a good impression to the visitors, this mural can also give off comfortable feeling.

2. Japanese Restaurant Hachimaki PIK

Mural in Japanese Restaurants Hachimaki PIK

The next Japanese restaurant that can be a reference for Japanese food lovers, or for those who want to open up a Japanese restaurant, is Hachimaki PIK.

Hachimaki, which is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, is suitable to be a hangout place with family or friends.

The comfortable place, supported by mural background with cute Japanese characters, makes this place look really nice.

Mural idea for Japanese restaurant can be found here, because in here, there are so many murals with big size, which of course, have unique design.

One of the murals can be seen in the picture above. In the picture above, we can see some fishes with cheerful and fun colours.

3. Japanese Restaurant Ichibiru Billiard PIK

Mural in Japanese Restaurants Ichibiru Billiard PIK

Still in PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk), this place is really the perfect place for you to get idea or reference to make mural for Japanese restaurant.

Ichibiru Billiard is a Japanese restaurant that has good and interesting interior design. Many murals are applied here. Some of which are the work of iMural, a mural service company located in Jakarta. The murals are about Japanese characters.

Other than make tha place more interesting, these murals make the Japanese feel in this restaurant thicker.

4. Japanese Restaurant Mottomoo Pantai Indah Kapuk

Mural in Japanese Restaurants Mottomoo

There are indeed many restaurants, including Japanese restaurant in PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk). Mottomoo is one of modern Japanese restaurants that can be a reference for you, Japanese food lover.

Mottomoo serves Japanese fusion food, complete with cool decoration. So, if you are searching for inspiration or idea to make a cute mural in Japanese restaurant, Mottomoo is the right place for you, because the mural here takes the concept of Japanese culture, Kokeshi doll.

5. Japanese Restaurant Takigawa Setiabudi One Kuningan

Mural in Japanese Restaurants Takigawa Setiabudi

Other than PIK, there is also another restaurant with a unique and interesting mural, called Takigawa Setiabudi One Kuningan.

Takigawa is a Japanese restaurant that uses a mural about historic moment in Japanese history, the war between Japan and Britain.

6. Japanese Restaurant Hachimaki PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk)

Mural in Japanese Restaurants Hachimaki PIK

Other than Japanese cartoon character mural, there is another mural in Hachimaki Pantai Indah kapuk that can be a reference and idea for you who want to apply mural in a Japanese restaurant.

This mural for Japanese restaurant is different from the previous mural, but it is still about Japanese culture. This mural is about Japanese kites.

With Japan itself in monochrome colour as the background, the kites look stand out with the bright colours selection.

7. Japanese Restaurant Shiraku Soba PIK

Mural in Japanese Restaurants Shiraku Soba

If you want simple, unique, and interesting mural in Japanese restaurants, then this mural in Shiraku Soba PIK can be a good reference.

Shiraku Soba is a Japanese restaurant with ramen as the main menu. That is why the mural that is applied here is about ramen too.

The mural is about Japanese characters who are enjoying ramen. With the monochrome colour for the characters, and some red accents, this mural looks simple, but cool.

8. Japanese Restaurant Nabe Shabu BSD

Mural in Japanese Restaurants Nabe Shabu

Creating a comfortable place with thick Japanese atmosphere is one of the tricks done by business owners to make customers comfortable.

Creating a thick Japanese atmosphere can be done through the decoration of the place, and one of the most used way to decorate the place is mural.

The example of restaurant that uses mural is Nabe Shabu, located in BSD. This restaurant applies some murals with the view of Japanese village and Sakura tree, which is the nickname of this country.

With the application of this mural, visitors are hoped to be able to feel comfortable, as if they are in Japan.

Do you want mural like in Japanese restaurants like the restaurants above? You can order it here.

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