For newlyweds, having the first kid is a really joyful event. In welcoming the kid, usually parents will prepare a room with cute decorations. There are many options, be it by using unique and cute furniture, choosing bright and cheerful colour for the furniture, or even using mural or wallpaper to decorate the kid’s room.

If you want to apply mural, wallpaper, or wall stickers for kids, there are so many designs and pictures.

Design, wallpaper, mural, or wall stickers have to be adjusted so that the kid will like it. If you are having a boy, then of course, the design will not be the same with girl. However, there is also a design that can be used for both boys and girls.

So, for parents who want to decorate kid’s room, here are some references and ideas, that will surely be liked by kids.

1. Decoration for Boy’s Room

Decoration Kid's Room Boy

2. Cute Panda Decoration for Kid’s Room

Panda Mural for Kid's Room

3. Cute Circus Elephant

Circus Elephant Mural for Kid's Room

4. Air Balloon Mural

Air Balloon Mural for Kid's Room

5. Cartoon Mural in Pastel Colour

Cartoon Mural for Kid's Room

6. Penguin

Penguin Mural for Kid's Room

7. Map

Map Mural for Kid's Room

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