On previously topic, it’s a creation of Emperor Place illustration by IMURAL team. This time we are going to discuss farther about illustration begins with the understanding of illustration, the function, to the types of illustration.

Discussing world of art, the art itself creates by the purpose of happiness through its beauty, in addition, to enjoy not to know how much its value, art it is hard to explain literally even it can’t to measure with a parameter.

Similar in plastic arts which say out loud an expression and self-impression through its creator. All creations are makes by media process, element arrangement, and various design principle so it creates a value arts.

In plastic arts, there are various types of art, one of them is illustration art. As a lot of people were known that illustration art is a picture that able to explain or lighten up something so people can understand.

Understanding Illustration According to Experts

illustration understanding

Martha Thoma (Sofyan, 1994:171)

The notion of illustration in relation to painting develops along the same plot in history as well as in many ways, both are the same.

As the traditional way, both took inspiration by literature creation, but its only painting made for decorating wall or ceiling meanwhile illustration made for beautifying a script, not an incident, and help to explain a story.

Rohidi (1984:87)

Rohidi said that illustration related with fine arts is a describing something through arts elements, explain or beautify a text, so the readers can feel in the direct way through their eyes, impression, and movement characteristics from the storytelling.

Soedarso (1990:1)

Illustration according to Soedarso is a painting art or draw art that lasting for other interests which could giving an explanation or companying an understatement such as a short story in a magazine.

Fariz (2009:14)

The understanding of illustration is an expectation from unbelieve-able also not different with wishful thinking through virtual or realistic. Illustration present within various verification.

Wikipedia English Version

understanding illustration

An illustration is a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept or process, designed for integration in published media, such as posters, flyers, magazines, books, teaching materials, animations, video games, and films.

The origin of the word “illustration” is late Middle English (in the sense ‘illumination; spiritual or intellectual enlightenment’): via Old French from Latin illustratio(n- ), from the verb illustrate.

In terminology, an illustration is defined as a picture that is both functional to explain something event. While etymologically, the word “Illustration” comes from the Latin “Illustrare” which means explaining or explaining.

In the Dutch language is called Ilustratie which is defined as decoration with a picture or making something clear.  The illustration also comes from the English language “Ilustrare” which means to explain.

In addition, the illustrations are also said to be derived from the word illusion. Understanding the illusion as a picture of wishful fantasy.

This is an introduction or complement of a goal to help someone to more easily and understand about the message in an image. Picture illustration which is a two-dimensional artwork, with the aim to clarify an understanding.

Illustrative images are used to decorate books or magazines and newspapers in certain columns. Usually, Illustration is also a visual form of text or sentence.

For lovers of illustration itself, in addition to its unique and interesting with various messages, can also be as an education to children who are more interested in the picture because it has not been able to read well.

Illustrations can also describe scenes in a story, so the picture generally describes the character or the whole story content. Not only that, the illustrations also work in decorating the room and combine with other ornaments.

The Function of Illustration

understanding illustration

Definitely, in the art have a role and purpose in delivering the message or a certain meaning, either it delivers the esthetic value or a message with a clear and detailed way which drawing like in the illustration art.

After discussing the understanding of illustration, an illustration has a function that development by its illustration. Here is the function of illustration:

1.Attract Attention

An illustration could have a decorating picture, book, and magazine with a picture, usually with a picture so it makes the readers more interesting.

In another way, if there is no picture or illustration it will be boring and less invite people to read. However if it is adding with an illustration, so it is inviting reading interest.

Simplify to Understand a Message, Description, or Explanation by a Phrase

With the existence of an illustration, a word can be easy to understand, the readers will more easy to understand a phrase or something inside illustration.

Without realizing it an illustration is saying as the shape of understatement and explanation also an incident like the simple example.

2. The tool as an expression experience from an incident

Illustration could have been a tool for an expression of experience from an incident and could be something that has not happen yet or expression that created by a picture.

3. Contain Esthetic Value

Besides for giving an explanation from the incident, event, or a phrase also an illustration function as esthetic value by face illustration.

Here is Another Function of Illustration (Arifin dan Kusrianto, 2009: 70-71)

Descriptive. The function of descriptive is to replace things about something with a verbal and narrative way by using a long phrase. Illustration can be utilized for painting so it is easy to understand.

Expressive. Illustration function can be seen and declare an idea, feeling, meaning, situation and abstract concept that become real.

Analytics and structural. Illustration can show more detail part by part of a thing, system, even process.

Qualitative. This function often is used for make a list, table, graphic, cartoon, photo, picture, sketch, and symbol.

Types of Illustration

In the development of huge illustration, totally it makes the illustration have many variants of types. Here are illustration types:

Naturalist or Realist

understanding illustration

Same with realist and naturalist type, this illustration is really fit with the reality that exists in an object without adding or reduce imagination of the creator.

The result that suits the object to the shape and color will be the same as the object that exists. Like a natural scenery that usually drawing as the reality.


understanding illustration

Decorative illustration function is decorating or decorate an object with some shape that simplifies or exaggerated with a certain style.


illustration understanding

A cartoon is identic with funny appearance or has a certain characteristic that becomes attractiveness also cartoon almost be fancied by all ages even a lot of them are children.

Cartoon is made for drawing an event and decorating Kids magazine, comic, and book photos.

Portrait or Comic Book

understanding illustration

Picture illustration in the form of the comic or pictorial story consists of a series of images that are given text and then complement each other and have a storyline.

The elements of caricature or cartoons in it are more interesting. The comic form itself can be a book or just a few sheets.

Literature work

understanding illustration

Usually, illustrations of a literary work are contained in textbooks which aim to give a knowledge also clarify and reinforce an event.

This form of illustration can be found in short stories, poems, poems that will make more interesting and can become a picture in a writing.

Stages And The Process Of Making Illustrations

understanding illustration

In making an illustration there are several processes that must be passed, here is a further explanation of how an illustration can be created:

Define ideas and concept images based on story or narration.

In determining the theme is the first step that must be done in making illustrations. Concepts and ideas that depict a story or narrative can be the beginning of the beginning which will eventually become the handle until the sketch or picture will be done next.

Specifies the type of illustration to be created.

After finding an idea or concept of an illustration, then decide what kind of illustration will be made. Various types of illustrations have been discussed, ranging from naturalists, decorative, cartoons, caricatures, to the illustrations of a literary work.

Determine the rhythm, composition, proportion, balance, and unity of the image object.

This means that at this stage, an illustrator must pay attention to an object, all sides of the object are taken into account in order to produce an appropriate illustration image.

Draw global sketches tailored to stories or narratives.

In this stage, an overall sketch has been drawn about the object that will be in the picture adjusted with ideas and concepts that fit the story or narration. In order for a conformity with the initial goal in making illustrate.

Provide a hatch or color on the object of the image according to the character of the story.

The last step is to provide affirmation or hatching and color to the illustrated drawings that have been made. And compare again with the image object, and adjusted to the type of illustration that has been selected.

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