Everyone has a hobby. And do you know if shopping is a hobby of women?

Perhaps the tendency of women who always want a good appearance to be one of their triggers to go to the shopping center.

Along with the development of the era, not the only hobby of going to the mall, also for the male who went to the mall to find their needs.

A shopping center or mall is usually a favorite place to stop by. Not just shopping, malls become a hangout and fun place for some teenagers or adults.

Many reasons to visit the mall in addition to shopping like watching in cinemas in malls, fast food restaurants, and coffee places.

Speaking of the Mall, Mall Kelapa Gading or abbreviated as MKG is a shopping center targeted for the upper-middle-class market, this mall has been developed gradually since 1990.

Located in Sentra Kelapa Gading an integrated commercial area of 20 hectares in Summarecon Kelapa Gading with three integrated and synergized commercial facilities, namely Kelapa Gading Mall, La Piazza, and Gading Food City.

Kelapa Gading Mall concept that combines fashion with food and entertainment center (Fashion-Food-Entertainment). With the aim to meet the diverse needs of today’s modern society.

At Kelapa Gading Mall you can feel the mix of Fashion, Food and Entertainment fun. Until many people favor and rate this mall as one of the best malls in Indonesia.

Mall Kelapa Gading every year always presents an attractive, unique and interesting in-house event, certainly always eagerly awaited by its loyal visitors.

street graffiti

In 2018, Kelapa Gading La Piazza holds a Graffiti Street exhibition which runs from April 3 to 8, 2018 and May 1-6, 2018.

Because every year Kelapa Gading Mall has an event agenda event that has always been the center of attention for mall visitors. So a new event was created that had not existed in previous years.

graffiti street

This event is for a showing of graffiti creations with theme street art that will impress you full of meaning.

Graffiti is always identic with a sketch on the wall with the combination of colors, lines, shapes, and volumes to draw a picture, word, or a beautiful creation. The graffiti itself usually made by pylox.

One-time graffiti is a negative art through people visions because it is usually written about negative critics and sarcasm.

But in this mass with increasingly in the stands of its freedom of speech, graffiti is regarded as a beautiful art and deserves support, now criticism through a graffiti artwork is more constructive.

Seeing this, the management tried to educate the public about what is graffiti art to finally change the perception related to graffiti art in Indonesia and grow art enthusiast.

By exhibition event of street art graffiti, this is expecting able to be a bridge between artists to communicate with each other and more known by people with their own creation.

Causing by that the society will support and street graffiti will keep developing so it can compete with graffiti with other country graffiti.

Mall Kelapa Gading party entrusted a work of IMURAL team serves as the icon of this event. In the event street graffiti, there is a sub-event that is Outfit Of The Day Competition.

Outfit of The Day Competitions is the best photo uploading contest with the fashion and style of the visitors who come to the graffiti street event. The photograph taken should be in the background of a painting by IMURAL.

street graffiti

The event is one way to appreciate the artwork of graffiti, this is also used as one way of management mall to attract visitors to come to Mall Kelapa Gading La Piaaza.

Photo booth IMURAL team’s work is very unique, the mood doodle with graffiti theme is felt. This doodle theme fun or funny, funky and nowadays.

In this doodle are displayed some unique characters, such as a T-rex dinosaur playing skateboard, people who are playing bubble balloons, musicians who play guitar and also people who enjoy music, a cowboy with a gun and so forth.

If you notice, this field is very crowded and full, there is no empty space. The colors used are black, white, yellow and red. To give a lot of impressions then add a red and yellow doodle on a doodle.

Another interesting thing, namely seen a fish that came down from the clouds with rain, as for the birds, diamonds, and also the illustrations of animals Wolves with a unique shape.

These unique and intriguing characters make the doodle concept even more present, as today’s youngsters look more expressive and love unique and interesting things.

Impersonating the Keribo Character Style

graffiti street

The resulting pose is very fun, as in the picture there are women are taking pictures with a murals mood doodle graffiti theme that displays the character of a musician playing guitar shows teeth and frizzy hairstyle.

Raise your hand!

graffiti street

The picture above shows that this one photo booth is so expressive that the person who took pictures in this photo booth can pose to adjust the existing picture.

As you can see above, where a woman with a flower-colored dress so sweet posing raised her hands in response to a cowboy holding a gun in a photo booth.

Just as the photo above, the pose showed by the visitors who took pictures was very interesting, visitors seem very resigned to the state raised both hands and expression surprised.

Hey, you!

street graffiti

In accordance with the name of the show is Outfit of The Day Competition or OOTDMKG, every participant who follows this event must race to show clothes or clothing that he wore.

Like a beautiful woman, this one with a floral dress and hat looks so feminine and fashionable. With a very expressive pose is expected to meet the criteria to be a winner in this competition.

Like a Fish

graffiti street

The next pose was taken with a mouth like a fish that exist with the doodle above. With the different dress and red headband looks feminism yet still adorable.

Interaction with a Fish

graffiti street

Not only for woman, actually there is a lot of men that participated to follow photo competition that held by Mall Kelapa Gading.

As you see in the picture above, a man with ducking pose with a fish looks very unique as interacting with the fish itself.

As the attract thing, the management also providing a price as graffiti giveaway and a shopping voucher with the terms and condition post a picture to personal Instagram with the graffiti by IMURAL as the background.

Seen by the enthusiasm visitors of Mall Kelapa Gading La Piaaza are interested with the outfit of the day competition and happy to take a picture at the photo booth.

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