Getting out from the comfort zone, now Sawyer Cloud became a freelance full-time illustrator. Her choice is not easy, because it takes a lot of risks.

Still, for Sawyer Cloud out of comfort zone is not about facing the risks or let go all of her jobs as the first-grade teacher, a librarian, and video artist but it’s about how to make her choice is worth it.

Sawyer Cloud is from Madagascar, she is 25 and decided to be a full-time illustrator. Now Sawyer is a freelance illustrator or full-time illustrator for companies of individuals from various countries.

Feeling scared is filling Sawyer guts for becoming a full-time illustrator. Remembering that there is no culture from her family to work as an illustrator, either it is freelance or full-time.

Now, after deciding to became a full-time illustrator and been through heavy obstacles. Finally, Sawyer success of publishing children book with her illustration.

Sawyer Cloud admitting that she is love illustration since she was little, she likes drawing when she looks at the blank white paper and filling up with a pencil. Even more, herself really wanted to have a company who running in the passion she loves it.

The dedicated on illustration now is making a result especially to earn money through her hard works.

As you can see Sawyer creation is colorful and meaningful, so it is really suited for children book or as illustration reference.

Sawyer’s Life As A Full-time Illustrator

Sawyer Cloud

Now as a full-time illustrator, Sawyer Cloud must be dealing with the deadline, client business, and phone call from her family over and over asking for her money to his dad medication.

In another side, Sawyer Cloud still undergoes her mess life with a full of joy. The determination in pursuing her dream to become popular-international-illustrator and you can see her creations that reflecting her complex life.

Face The Fears

Sawyer Cloud

As out of the comfort zone totally will meet things we are fearful of. That’s what Sawyer’s feeling, this illustration showing Sawyer take a deep breath and brace herself to go out of the comfort zone yet for pursuing her dreams.

Children Book

Besides working for the clients, Sawyer got a chance to draw a children book with her illustration as the background.

Sawyer creation is always colorful, cute, and attractive for kids literation. With that Sawyer drawing a children book illustration.

sawyer cloud

sawyer cloud

Isn’t that cute? The ocean like Moana, this illustration is fascinating to see and really unique, especially since it has Sawyer Cloud characteristic.

Cactus Lover

Sawyer Cloud itself really loves cactus as the lover of cactus, Sawyer makes a comic series through her personal Webtoon. If you are wondering to see her comic, you can check out here.

sawyer cloud

Sawyer Creations

Besides drawing and determining in pursue her dream. Sawyer Cloud really likes to share her creations.

Here are Sawyer illustrations that she publishing on Patreon either in her Patreon website there is introducing video of Sawyer Cloud, in addition, her fans get to know her more.

A. Meaningful Life

sawyer cloud

Sawyer really loves to describe her meaningful life by its illustration. Like this illustration undirectly Sawyer input a description with “Let it go… let it be, That is a life.” that proof we just doing out life, relax but still focus. That is life.

B. Tips When Run Out of Idea

sawyer cloud

Besides sharing her creation through the internet platforms, Sawyer also gives tips and a feeling of full-time illustrator.

Like in this illustration she giving tips for stress out illustrator who looking for a money yet they running out the idea.

Sawyer giving 4 tips how to return and expand your ideas into your illustration: Get enough of sleep, round with nice people, don’t ask too much for yourself, smiling and let it all happen.

C. When Questioning About Financial

sawyer cloud

Here is Sawyer’s reaction when she asked how her financial from its job. Speechless to remember the money comes when there is a project.

That is Sawyer Cloud story as an illustrator who going out from her comfort and through twists and turns.

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