Painting is a general name that we usually heard. However, are you often hear about “Mural”? If you don’t, IMURAL will discuss mural understanding and what is the difference between the mural and other paintings.

Many people frequently see the painting on the walls that exist in the street or walking road. Even some of them often see the painting in the house or building that no longer use or none human being living there.

The painting that you see in some places which already mentioned is a mural. It is just a lot of people assuming it is a picture or a painting. Then what is actually the meaning of mural?

Understanding Mural

mural understanding

What is a mural? What are the actual means of a mural?

A mural is a word that quite enough foreign for some people especially layman.

But actually, a lot of people have seen the mural directly.

Understanding mural according to the language of mural derived from the Latin language of the word “Murus” which means the wall. Broadly speaking, the definition of a mural is drawing or painting on a wall, wall or other broad media that is permanent.

So, from the explanation above or the meaning of mural, it is enough to give the understanding about the mural. Then, painting or picture whether that made on the permanent media such on the floor, the table, the wall includes to mural.

Mural History

mural understanding

The truth is art mural has been existing for such a long time. Even if we take a look at mural history, the mural is existing since 31.500 years ago in the prehistoric.

At that time there is a painting that drawn at the cave in Lascaux, South France.  The mural its made by that time is using juice as the water paint (considering haven’t had paint)

On the prehistory, the country that has a lot of wall painting or mural is France. One of the most popular is the creation by Pablo Picasso.

Pablo Picasso makes a mural called Guernica or Guernica Y Luno. This mural made when the civil war in the Spain 1937.

The purpose of this mural is remembering the bombing tragedy by the German soldier that happened in the small village where there is a lot of Spain people.

The Difference between Mural and Graffiti

mural understanding

Some of us still confusing to see what is the difference between mural and graffiti. If we take a look throughout media, usual mural and graffiti indeed often makes on the wall as the media.

Especially on the street, maybe some of you have seen wall painting with various characters or shapes through its writing.

Then what is the difference between mural and graffiti?

Before we compare between mural and graffiti will be better if we know the meaning of graffiti first.

Graffiti pronounce graffiti or graffiti is the sketches on the wall using the composition of colors, lines, shapes, ad volumes for writing a word, symbol, or certain phrases.

The tools that use at the moment is pylox. Before pylox is existed, generally, graffiti use with brushing paint using a brush or a chalk.

So, the difference mural and graffiti are if a mural is free and has a huge space while graffiti is a word or words and usually for this era graffiti is often made with spray paint.

If back then a mural it is only a form of expression, social issues critics through its picture and phrases on the street, sidewalk and now a mural becoming “Sweet business of art painting.”

You can see now, a mural is a top option for beautifying it is interior. Even mural become an attractive factor as the spot for taking a unique picture.

Not in shock if now many cafes, restaurants, hotels, and apartment to houses using wall painting or mural as the point of view for the room.

Mural becoming the attractiveness for the visitor who comes to the café or resto. Mural it is made adjusted with the taste, concept café itself, to the media branding.

Yes! Usually, café and resto make the mural with various menus they provide, interesting right?

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