If you are looking at the list of best camera brands for a professional photographer, things must have of a photographer or the affordable price ones?

Choosing the proper brands is not an easy thing to do. Retrieving brands camera nowadays it is a lot and has a various specification. Besides that, every brand definitely has the advantages and disadvantages of each.

But you don’t need to worry, because we will be sharing the list of brands camera the best of the best that will help you to make a decision.

The Best Brands Camera in The World

From many camera brands that spreading, these camera brands of the best in the world:

The Best Camera Brands – Canon

camera brands

This best camera is a camera king in the world especially the best in the digital camera. Canon is a Japan company that working in the electronic field.

Long ago, Canon made for a research of a camera to earn a picture till, in the end, the research development and the result look so amazing just like now.

Now, Canon has been dominating in the world camera market. Camera modal that Canon mastered is DSLR and SLR with the various prices.

As the country that appreciated the country who work in the technology field, Japan totally proving with the high achievements within the camera thing.

Canon has been producing a digital camera since 1984 started with RC-701. The RC series it is following with PowerShow and IXUS series from digital camera type. Now Canon develops EOS(Electro-Optical System) series from DSLR (Digital Single-lens Reflex) series that cupping a professional model high-end camera.

In 2010 Canon has 41% market share for DSLR market, it is quite far by Nikon only 35% in the market share.

Need to know that the type of Canon is depending on the country market. As for instance in the USA it is called Rebel T5i, in Europe is called 700D but in Japan is called Kiss X7i, however, they are all the same or one same type.

Lately, Canon present Thermal Transition Copying as the part of manufacture process for every camera to solving the general problem that suffering from using SLR camera in a certain condition.

The Best Camera Brands – Nikon

camera brands

The second place for the best camera brands in the world is Nikon. This brand it is no longer sounds so foreign in our ears, right?

Nikon is a Japan company that focusing more on optic and picture. Stuff that produces by this company is a camera, microscope, and binoculars.

In-camera technology, Nikon is including camera brand of the most conservative. Although the characters can be seen through the lens which is used. This camera brand still possible for you to use old lenses in the era of negative film for the modern camera,

From the things above is a quite significant difference between Nikon with their competitive brand as known as, Canon that already uses the new type of lenses since the photography digital era showing up for the first time.

The camera that couldn’t be doubted by its quality, it is a lot using by the professional photographer.

It is opposite with Canon, the system camera name Nikon is start with “D” which means “Digital” in every part of the type before the numbers. You can see the difference of DLSR Camera Nikon by the handgrip of the camera, there is a red stripe in it.

For the digital camera as the newest top product, Nikon released new series D85p that has higher resolution and speed for capturing the picture.

The Best Camera Brands – Sony

camera brands

In Indonesia, this brand it is really popular and has a lot of consumers. Besides the cellular phone, Sony has a lot produce other electronic stuff. One of its is a camera.

Not half-hearted, the camera specification that made by Sony always possible to compete with the two best camera brands in the world as we mentioned before.

In the end, Sony got the third position.

This camera company is becoming one of the favorites for having a high specification. So, it is able to afford a clear photo with vivid color.

Sebagai salah satu perusahaan elektronik terbesar di dunia, Sony terus merambahkan kiprahnya ke berbagai bidang, seperti: musik, film, ponsel, permainan video, perekam kaset, computer, printer, media portable, robot, stereo pribadi, televisi, proyektor, ebook, kamera, dan kamera video.

Sony is producing various types of camera that spreading in the electronic market. The top product of digital camera by Sony is Cyber-shot and DSLR α.

Even though digital camera it’s the top seller but still Sony less compete for Canon and Nikon.

The Best Camera Brands – Olympus

camera brands

Olympus is a Japan company established on 12th October 1919 in Tokyo, Japan. The purpose of this company is same with Nikon, produce electronic stuff in optic field either picture. Ended up showed the Olympus camera.

If you feel extraneous with this camera brand name, it is okay. Because in Indonesia this brand it is not really popular. However, in Europe, this brand has been the top option for buying a camera.

The main thing it is because Olympus camera is one of the affordable camera brands in the world.

Olympus is known for the solid camera body so if it is compared with other brands, Olympus won on the body. This is proving that this brand is deserved to compete with the other brands that already become the best camera brands in the world.

Products from Olympus which able to win the hearts of society it is the digital camera. Digital camera product from Olympus that popular is Olympus Tough series and Olympus Stylus series.

The Best Camera Brands – Casio

camera brands

Besides produce calculator and wristwatch this a Japan company also produce the digital camera. May some of you have not known that Casio produced the digital camera with high specification and nice result picture.

The variant digitals camera that produced by Casio it is called Casio Exilim.

Casio is ranked with those the best camera brands in the world by the nice quality and satisfy the consumers.

If the most digital camera design that produced by other companies, digital camera Casio Exilim it provides design shape with quite thin for various variants.

Casio has been carrying new ideas within world camera such as the digital camera with LCD as it’s the first time in the photography world, the first 3 megapixel camera, the first ultra-compact model, and the first combined camera technology with the ceramic lens.

Top product of Casio is Exilim series.

The Best Camera Brands – Panasonic

camera brands

The company established by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918 has main product is duplex light socket after then Panasonic developing to makes many products on the electronic field that we often have seen.

As one of the company produces electronic stuff in the world Panasonic it is not foreign to know. One of the best products is the camera.

Merk kamera terbaik di dunia ini memiliki keunggulan dari segi LCD screenpicture quality, dan warranty.

To maintain the position for one of the best camera brands in the world, Panasonic Lumix as the digital camera product is the best digital camera in the world.

Panasonic Lumix presents various series of the digital camera which L series and G series.

In the world of photography this brand quite enough to recognize, also a lot of photographers using Lumix for support their job.

This camera brand can compete for other brands such as Pentax, Olympus, and Casio. However, things that difference Lumix camera with other brands this brand almost does not have customer service. Of course, this is a disadvantage for the consumers.

The Best Camera Brands – Pentax

camera brands

Pentax is the company that engaged in digital camera and also microscope. This company is established in Japan and has been producing a lot of camera models.

The most unfortunate thing is this camera brand is less demand in the market. In Indonesia itself, this brand does not have a lot of lovers.

However, deserted buyers did not mean this camera does not good. Pentax is cannot compete with the best camera brands in the world.

As one the best brands camera, Pentax has been so long spreading over the world of camera and in-demand by the fans of Petax because of its quality. Pentax is popular with the K series.

The Best Camera Brands – Samsung

camera brands

Who didn’t know about this company? Samsung is really popular with their smartphones product since expanding Samsung Galaxy and selling out over the world until now Samsung is a big name now.

This biggest electronic company in the world is established on 1st March 1938 in Daegu, South Korea. This company is operating in 58 countries and has more than 208 thousands employees.

Unfortunately, this thing cannot be one line with the camera product. This brand cannot compete for the two best list camera brands in the world; Canon and Nikon both yet undefeated.

The Best Camera Brands – Kodak

camera brands

This company has been earning various products of a camera, photography, printer, and others. Kodak is a company established in the United States of America that trying to competitive brands camera upper class like Canon and Nikon.

Although, till this seconds Kodak have not proved can defeat Canon or Nikon. This is predicting Kodak it is really minimum within produce their camera models. Much different with Canon and Nikon whose has a lot of models camera.

So, Kodak experienced deterioration because not able to compete with other digital camera brands.

Top product from Kodak is Easyshare series.

The Best Camera Brands – Fujifilm

camera brands

Fujifilm is the biggest photography company in the world. This company is established in 1934. The more company comes from Japan is specializing themselves within the optic and picture field. Same as Nikon, other products owned by Fujifilm are binoculars, microscopes, and gauges.

Quality of this brand is the best, no doubt about this brand. Fujifilm has been competing for dominate on the market of the digital camera since back and then.

Now Fujifilm released X series and Finepix series.

The Best Digital Camera and Affordable

From the few the best camera brands in the world which already mentioned before, of course, there are many cameras that could be your choices to buy.

The digital camera present with various kind of choices especially on price. Lucky us, this time you can find the affordable digital camera with high quality and unique.

These digital cameras are able to give you a high-quality photo and of course, you don’t need to worry about the thing of money because these digital cameras are selling at the affordable price with nice quality.

Here are some of the best digital cameras that you can get with the affordable price:


camera brands

Present with resolution sensor camera 20.8; CX-Format BSI CMOS and picture processor EXPEED 5A makes Nikon 1 J5 able to recording to 20 fps with full HD 1080p/60 video also produce a picture with high quality.

Equipped with ISO to 12800 ISO makes Nikon 1 J5 really helpful for using within lights situation that less or little lights in it.

Besides that, Nikon 1 J5 equipped with system less of noises. So, it gives contribution or help to the acquisition of high-quality sharp images with high resolution.

Nikon 1 J5 also present with LCD Touchscreen with tilt 180 ° to allow you to do selfie photos. Nikon 1 J5 has a hybrid autofocus system that is useful for getting greater focus and accuracy and is good for improving subject tracking performance.

Furthermore, it is made by incorporating a slim PDR Zoom Nikkor VR 10-30mm f / 3.5-5.6 lens, making this camera has the same power zoom drive mechanism with a short telephoto lens that serves to take pictures quickly; good control; and VR image stabilization to suppress the effect of wobble that occurs on the camera.

This lens is ideal for removing the subject from the background by using something bright or clear and has an internal focus (IF) to maintain a compact size.

In addition, the Nikon 1 J5 camera also comes with powerful WiFi and NFC networks allowing you to share pictures and videos directly by controlling it via the camera using a lightweight device.

For price. You do not need to worry because the camera with the amazing specs above is still priced at under five million rupiahs.


camera brands

Reinvented in 2013 ago, Canon EOS Rebel SL1 is designed to compete in the world of compact digital cameras. SL1 is equipped with 18MP resolution sensor and APS-C which makes it a solid competitor in the world of digital cameras.

With fewer button placements than any other EOS model, making the SL1 feel comfortable in the hand and worthy of being a good friend in a shooting.

More than that, SL1 is also equipped with the touchscreen interface that makes it easy and quick to use. While the CMOS AF II system with 9 focus points make this camera to be better in producing a mediocre image to be amazing.

This is a very good breakthrough in the EOS DSLR system.

Indeed, this camera is the lowest version of Canon Rebel series cameras. Classified entry-level digital cameras, with smaller sizes.

But do not be fooled by the size, because this SL1 Rebel camera has a good megapixel number, burst speed, and a bending screen to record video.

This tiny camera is very reliable and packed in the form as small as possible, and with an affordable price. Same with all Canon Rebel series cameras, the beginners will greatly admire the capabilities of these camera features that are very fitting for the beginners.

Panasonic Lumix TZ70

camera brands

Panasonic Lumix TZ70 has a 12.1MP sensor that provides improved low light performance and improved image quality. In addition, the TZ70 is equipped with 30 times impressive optical zoom lens with image stabilization; record video with the full 3-inch screen; GPS; WiFi; NFC; 10fps take pictures continuously; and electronic shooting windows.

The TZ70 has all the features you want to accompany you on a trip or vacation and will not disappoint you while taking pictures and videos in terms of quality produced.


camera brands

If you are confused about your choice, then Sony WX220 is the answer to your confusion. Sony WX220 is a compact camera that can do a better job than your smartphone’s camera.

WX220 has many uses, especially if you consider the additional flexibility offered by 10 times optical zoom with a distance of 25-250mm. Sony WX220 can produce bright images with nice details.

This camera is perfect for sharing online or printing images at the right size. In addition, Sony WX220 comes with WiFi to facilitate you in sending images via the internet.

This camera has a 2.7-inch screen shape so it is perfect to carry wherever you go.


camera brands

Canon Power Shot SX710 HS is an exciting choice for beginners and is absolutely to be possessed by people who still lack experience in photography.

This camera comes with a small mode button on the back that allows you to switch faster between different lighting modes.

Includes semi-automatic mode for you who wants to be in control of the camera, plus fully automatic control and scene mode.

Equipped with 30 times optical zoom makes Power Shot SX710 HS has the power to reach the focal point of the shooting area very well and provide enough flexibility for average photo shots on vacation.

The world’s most advanced camera

After talking about the best and cheapest camera brands, this time it’s your turn to know the most sophisticated cameras ever in the world.

As soon as the current technology is causing the emergence of digital cameras that are welcomed by users for the ability to take pictures quickly and have a very high quality.

To capture an object is certainly required high-quality which camera for the resulting image looks nice and beautiful. You need to know, the camera must have a very expensive price with full features and a good lens.

Here is the world’s most advanced camera as follows:

Hasselblad H4D 200MS

camera brands

Hasselblad H4D 200MS is a top camera made by the world’s best camera maker. The most expensive digital camera has a resolution of 200 million pixels that allows producing images with amazing detail.

In addition to this also this camera has a sensor that has been installed into a frame of symmetrical multi-shoot. For the price this camera is fantastic that is about the US $ 45,000 or Rp 517.2 million.

Seitz 6×17 Panoramic

camera brands

The sophistication of Seitz 6 × 17 Panoramic camera allows it to penetrate up to 160 million pixels on the image. It can capture 300 megabytes of data every second.

Seitz 6 × 17 Panoramic is very easy to control and you can view reviews and store images on your laptop or tablet. This camera is perfect for landscape, architecture, fine arts, and any objects that require high resolution.

The price is also very expensive that the price range of US $ 43,000 or Rp 494.2 million.

Phase One P65+Digital Back Medium Format 645 DF

camera brands

This camera became one of the most expensive digital cameras with a full frame sensor. This sensor technology allows you to easily capture high-quality images.

This camera can also produce images up to 15 megapixels. The price is also very expensive and became the third position of the most sophisticated and expensive camera with a price range of US $ 40,000 or Rp 459.7 million.

Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic

camera brands

This camera has a panorama as well as a full 360-degree capability that can be done in just 8 seconds. Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic uses a special digital signal processor that allows creating panoramic images.

This camera is usually used exclusively for police and military, which is useful for the investigation of a case at the scene of the case.

The price is also in accordance with sophistication. Panoscan Panasonic MK-3 Panoramic is priced at a fantastic price range of US $ 39,000 or Rp 448.2 million.

Leica S2-P

camera brands

Leica S2-P is so popular with photographers who like to engage in outdoor photography. This digital camera has 37.5 megapixels and is supported with a 30 x 45mm sensor.

Another greatness of this camera is waterproof and has a long battery life. The price of this camera is somewhat cheaper when compared to the previous four cameras. But for the layman, the price is still somewhat fantastic that the price range of US $ 30,000 or Rp 344.8 million.

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