After we move to the process of paint, there is one ritual before everyone paint which illustrates your ideas.

This ritual is not such a mystical side but a step by steps in the making of a mural as the client wishing for.

Different from mural services in general where the process only makes a deal as approval between the client and mural process making.

At IMURAL you will pass a few steps so it is not instant or like snapping your fingers and Ta-da! The mural is done but in here the “Art value” and professionalism belongs.

Because the making process must to do very detailed, start from building the concept, the client wishes, to the process itself.

Illustrates is the important step causing where the concept that wanted is a realization in the form of illustration. Although, before applying the illustration to the wall or any huge field.

From the variety of projects that IMURAL been worked on, this time we would tell a story of the process in the making of illustration from one of our project which is Bananai.

The Sweet Menu and Decoration of Bananai

banainai illustration

If you are looking a place provides menu almost full with dessert, Bananai is the exact place to go and spend a day only for dessert as for the fruits lover!

In the modern era with millennial society the delicious menus, it is not quite enough to satisfy the customers. The decoration which is very Instagram-able and contemporary more get the attention of the millennial people.

Bananai is the combined word from “Banana” and “Nainai”’ (Mandarin language from the word grandmother) the Banainai word means as the youth person we believed that parents are always reminding us to consume fresh fruits and healthy foods.

Illustration Concept Mural for Banainai

As has been mentioned, highlighted the menus it’s not enough. For that Banainai adding mural as wall decoration and also a contemporary thing.

Mural design that has made in here wanted to describe the kind of business also the menus from Banainai itself.

This illustration made by two of IMURAL illustrator which Siswanto and Tri Yudhitya Putra by their magnificent hands it’s answering the client desires.

By giving choices that suit with the client desires IMURAL makes two option so the client can choose which design that really fits with the characteristics of Banainai and desires.

For more detail, we will explain one by one option that we have made.

First OptionBanainai illustration

Suitable by the philosophy from “Banainai” this illustration design literally describing a grandma serving various foods.

Not only looks delicious and tempting but the appearance also looks healthy. With the urban style cartoon form the serving of various menus through its illustration looks very attractive.

As you can see from the illustration above for the first option the background is filling with fully brown color, wooden texture where the front of background there is a variant of foods and drinks that Banainai serves.

The showing of foods and drinks by the illustration with random position precisely creates compatible shapes and color.

Therefore, the colors in this illustration are able to lift up the mood of the room when applying to the wall in form of a mural also the pastel color makes this illustration more attractive.

If you look carefully at the second illustration, either the first or second it is seen the difference, especially in the background.

It is exactly the color background. If you look at the first illustration the color of the background is using full brown with natural wooden texture.

Second Option

banainai illustration

For the second option, there is a playing with colors for the background. In the corner, the background is using red color with biased color at the edge that forms gradation color from red to dark red to the bright red.

The application red color in the corner background is the purpose in addition to the center part become the point of interest when the first time people see this picture when it is already a mural.

The center area of itself shows the brand rather than the place to be applied mural “BANAINAI” with a font type that looks 3 dimensional.

Illustration Design for Second Wall

banainai illustration

Differently by the previously illustration, the illustration for the second wall is using the black background with pink as the dominant color for other objects.

The combination color in use at the illustration for the mural on the second wall is creating pretty color and totally eye-catching.

Some objects on the picture that important like Banainai logo so does with the phrase that explaining about Banainai is looking very detail and become a message that easy to deliver for visitors through media visual.

What’s the theme of illustration in this second wall?

In the picture that showing still follows with a cheerful concept that Banainai would have given. As you can see from colors that showing which white color, pink pastel, and yellow are reflecting cheerfulness and the impression of living in the picture.

By seeing its illustration from a server that serving drinks and there is a girl and a boy look expressive with a lot of ice creams and overflow fruits.

Not forget the icon from Banainai a “Nainai” or a grandma in English is making a batter. In this picture also creates a crowd impression causing the picture filling by its fruits, ice creams, and chocolates.

Tulisan tipografi pun dipilih dengan warna dan jenis font yang lucu. Tipografi ini ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris, menampilkan pesan yang ingin disampaikan oleh Banainai.

Typography writing was chosen with fun color and cool types of font. This typography is written in English showing a message that wanted to deliver from Banainai.

The English text contains the origin of the word Banainai. In the left wall is written the origin of the naming Bananai and explanation, then the right side is also written a message to consume the fruit for the body to be healthy

Unique Illustration Banainai Board 1

banainai illustration

In the illustration Banainai board 1, on the board painted a picture with Banainai word in the order of fruits and ice creams. Word of Banainai itself it”s ordered with various of fruits such as orange, watermelon, pineapple, ice cream, and strawberry.

Besides that, the ornaments like banana, ice cream, and small-square of ice are completing this picture so it makes the picture so crowded. Also, this illustration giving a fresh impression and makes anyone who sees it attracted.

“Fresh Health Natural” Board 2

banainai illustration

Whereas the second board, chosen typography with cursive font. It’s appropriate if choosing green color has a cool, natural, and peace impression.

With a black background, it looks brown illustration, ice cream and fruits are showing with biased white color. It makes people that see the focus and direction of the phrase itself which almost filling the board field.

“Happy tummy, happy me” Board 3

banainai illustration

A similar concept, the third board is showing ornament of fruits, ice cream, and ice with white color. The purpose itself makes people focus on the picture and not feeling boring because there are other ornaments.

In the phrase “Happy tummy, Happy me” means that a healthy stomach is causing by eating fruits which could makes your life happy and at once lifting up your mood and feel fresh. This phrase using soft font, the color selection are orange within the white outline so it gives a happy impression.

“Freshness and Paradise” Board 4

banainai illustration

On the next board that written, “Freshness and Paradise” giving the meaning that Banainai could give something fresh, either it’s a fresh fruit or sweetness ice cream.

Meanwhile, the word of paradise has the meaning of Banainai is a proper place like paradise to whom visit Banainai that seeking fresh desserts such as fruits, drinks, or even ice cream.

The selection of bright purple become a cute color that makes Banainai more unique and different from other dessert cafes.

“Real Fruit Real Good” Board 5

banainai illustration

All boards with black background have the meaning of every each of typography. The phrase “Real Fruit Real Good” give the meaning that Banainai is providing menus that comes from real fruit and have high quality and totally has a good impact on our body to consume fruits.

The colors of typography are pink pastel with white outline. If you look carefully, the color selection on the font giving a concept of cheerful, cute, and reflecting the Banainai itself.

Isn’t these Bananai Illustrations a quite unique right?

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