train themed room decoration

Cute and Interesting Train Themed Room Decoration for Boys

Do you live with a son and are searching a suitable theme to decorate his room? If so, then this train themed room decoration can be a good choice. Right now, train is indeed one of the best choices that is used by many people who want to travel. Besides the cheap cost, we can
tall building mural

These Tall Building Mural Examples Will Amaze You So Much!

In this current era, we can find mural easily in many places. There are even murals that are painted on a tall building in some countries in the world. These tall building mural examples are painted on such a tall building, that will amaze you so much. Indeed, nowadays, many people are interested with mural.
paper art

Paper Art by Malena Varcarcel, an Amazing Artist From Spain

This artist has succeeded in transforming a paper into an amazing art work. That is, Malena Varcancel is able to create paper art in form of book sculpture with various shapes. Malena Varcarcel is an artist from Spain who lives in Mediterranean Coast. She has been working in the world of paper art ever since
mosaic art

Mosaic Art as a Unique and Interesting Decoration for Your Interior

Nowadays, we can see a well-decorated place, be it a restaurant, cafe, or even a random place on street, for example by using mural as the decoration. However, there is actually another option that you can apply to decorate your place, and that is, a mosaic art. It is a fact that in the current
bathroom decoration

These Bathroom Decoration Ideas Will Make Lazy People Like to Take a Bath

For some people, taking a bath is one tiresome activity. Because of that, people often choose not to take bath in the morning, especially when it’s a holiday. However, with these bathroom decoration ideas, you will come to like taking a bath. Indeed, taking a bath is one of human’s needs. By taking a bath,
3d mural

This Amazing 3D Mural is Created by an Accountant

Who knows that this accountant is able to create several 3d mural examples with such amazing results that will not lose to experienced artist. Some of his mural works are really amazing, people will be mesmerized by it. The lines and strokes, the coloring, and the details in his works are really realistic. YC is
game themed bedroom decoration

Game Themed Bedroom Decoration For Your Bedroom

There are many people who consider video games as something really important in their life, to the point that those people will prioritize playing video games in their free time. So, if you belong in this group of people, you absolutely has to see these video game themed bedroom decoration ideas. Indeed, for some people,
space mural

Space Mural for Kids Who Want to be an Astronaut

Do you have a child who wants to be an astronaut? If so, this space mural is really perfect to be applied as room decoration so that your child will feel even more inspired. Every child has their own dream, be it become a teacher, pilot, police, doctor, and astronauts. They will get excited when
door decoration

In the Hand of Skilled Architect, This Vintage Door Decoration Looks Really Unique and Interesting

Nowadays, we can see restaurant easily, starting from the restaurant with the concept of street food stalls to the restaurant that offers you an atmosphere similar to hotel with 5 stars. With the growing number of restaurants, of course each restaurant has to compete with each other in giving the best service in order to
3d trick art

3D Trick Art as the Way to Increase Regional Income

3D trick art is becoming more and more familiar among people, especially in Indonesia. Many people even apply 3D trick art in many tourist spots as a way to attract visitors. Every region of course, will want a big regional income. There are many ways that can be done in increasing the profits, and that