La Mer turns into ‘open air canvas’ for the world’s best street art

15 artworks displayed at Dubai Canvas 2018 will become permanent exhibits at La Mer                                                           Government of Dubai Media Office – 7 March 2018: Organisers of the annual

Top 3D artists add momentum to Dubai Canvas at La Mer

Government of Dubai Media Office – 17 February 2018: Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Government of Dubai Media Office, is organizing the 4th edition of Dubai Canvas in partnership with Meraas. Theregion’s first public-art festival will kick off on first of March and continue for a week in La Mer, Jumeirah. Top artists
new year mural

New Year Mural Ideas as Decoration for End of Year Event

Approaching the end of the year, there are so many end of year events held to close the year and welcome the new year. To liven up the end of year event, you can try applying a new year mural or 3D trick art. End of year event is held especially by companies, be it
christmas mural

Christmas Mural Ideas for Interesting Christmas Decoration

Are you currently searching for a way to attract people to come to your business place? There are indeed many ways to gain people’s attention, but you may want to consider decorating your place by adjusting it to a certain celebration or holiday, such as Christmas mural. Entering December, usually almost every business place, such
mural service in indonesia

This Mural Service in Indonesia Has Succeeded in Getting the Attention of a Company From Singapore

As times become more and more modern, the more mural services can be found in Indonesia. However, if you are searching for an experienced mural service, iMural is the first mural service in Indonesia. iMural is the first mural painting service in Indonesia, which is based in Jakarta. The vision of iMural is to bring
bekasi mural service

Bekasi Mural Service Project, Create a Modern Restaurant for a Modern Citizens

If we look at the current citizens, people not only visit a restaurant for its food, but also for its interior decoration in the restaurant. For people who want to be popular in Instagram, modern interior decoration is really important, even more than the menu of the restaurant itself. Speaking of modern restaurant, in this
bitung mural service

Bitung Mural Service, a Sailor Themed Mural with Inspirational Quote

After four years running, of course the designers and artists in iMural already have many experiences in creating both mural and 3D trick art in various regions, and one of it is Bitung mural service. Bitung mural service is a mural service project which has just been finished recently by iMural. In this Bitung mural
padang mural service

This Padang Mural Service Offers a Unique 3D Photo Booth in a Car Showroom

Besides Makassar, Bandung, and Medan, Padang also becomes the place for Padang mural service project that has been done by iMural. The two places that used Padang mural service of iMural is mural cafe in Coffee Theory and interesting 3D wall painting in Toyota Intercom Padang. For more details, let’s see these two Padang mural
bali mural service

Bali Mural Service, Amazing Doodle Cafe Mural and Realistic Mural

After several mural service projects in Jabodetabek, now let’s see Bali mural service project done by iMural team in several cool and modern cafes and restaurants. Who does not know Bali, one of the regions in Indonesia which is often considered as the favorite tourist spot for both local and overseas tourists. Everything about Bali
batam mural service

Batam Mural Service Project in Batam 3D Trick Art Museum With Indonesian Theme

Batam is the biggest city in Riau Islands. The city that is famous for the bag and electronic products is also famous for the first 3D museum in Indonesia, Batam 3D Trick Art Museum. Batam 3D Trick Art Museum offers various 3D murals as a unique and interesting photo background. Through these 3D photo boothsm