food art

This Food Art is So Amazing and Creative, You will Hesitate to Eat it!

Food is something that humans need in order to survive. Of course, every person like delicious food. However, with this food art, you will come to like food more, to the point you will hesitate to eat it. We cannot deny the fact that people need food to continue living. Food will give the necessary
music mural

Fun Music Mural for You Who Like Things Related to Music

Do you like anything that is related to music and consider music as a part of your life? If so, these examples of music mural will be perfect to decorate your room. Music is a group of sound that is arranged in such a way, making a song with tone and harmony. Music also has
dinosaur mural

15 Dinosaur Mural Ideas, Number 10 will Surely be Liked by Children!

In order to make the children feel comfortable in their room, usually the room has to be decorated with interesting and unique decorations. Because of that, if you are currently searching for an idea to decorate your child’s room, this dinosaur mural can be a good option. Dinosaur is an animal that once lived in
art by jesuso ortiz

Unique, Creative, and Inspirational Art Created by Jesuso Ortiz

Jesuso Ortiz is an artist who lives in Malaga, Spain. He has created a really unique work using the objects around him. By using the ordinary objects around him, he is able to create such an inspirational and creative work. He succeeds in combining the illustration and the object in one amazing fantasy scene. Since
watercolour painting

This Watercolour Painting is Really Beautiful and Calming

Are you bored with your current room decoration, and thinking to replace it with new and unique decoration? If yes, this watercolour painting is really perfect for you. Watercolour is a painting method, in which the paints that are used in this method are made of pigments suspended in water-based solution. Because the paints are
window 3d trick art

Realistic Window 3D Trick Art Created by David Miller

This window 3D trick art gives such a refreshing impression, as if your house is surrounded with beautiful nature. The high number of works and activities that you have to do in one week is enough to make you feel exhausted. Not to mention that there are still problems that will make you feel sick.
beach wallpaper

Beach Wallpaper Ideas with Beautiful Blue Sea and White Sand

These beach wallpaper ideas can be a solution for you who want to relax at home without having to go to a beach. Beach is an open space that is quite popular as a holiday destination. The white sand and beautiful sea scenery are indeed, the main factors that attract many people to come and
underwater mural

Underwater Mural As a Way to Decorate Your Child’s Room

Bored with plain room decorations? Then, underwater mural can be a good option to decorate your child’s room. Have you ever wondered how would it feel to live underwater, with fishes and other sea animals. Of course, this kind of thing is impossible since humans need air to live. However, with this underwater mural, you
Mural Musim Dingin

Beautiful and Refreshing Winter Mural to Cool Your House

These winter mural ideas can surely make your house look beautiful. You can apply these ideas to your house, making it unique, cool, and fun. Having a dream home may be the wish of every person. However, a dream home does not mean it has to be expensive and luxurious. By doing this creative idea
Sky Mural

This Sky Mural will Make Your Room Look Even More Beautiful

Sky is indeed something that cannot be predicted. A sunny sky can be cloudy in just a short time, and vice versa. Surely, people have their own preference and favorite sky or weather. Some people like sunny sky, but there are also people who like cloudy and raining sky. For you who want only one